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Triple M Trading is the Australian/New Zealand representative for: Stand-by Polytechniek b.v., who in over 20 years has constructed and produced packaging-machines for companies with products of variable length and has achieved excellent packaging knowledge in producing boxes of endless cardboard and making solutions for each individual companies requirements.

With "endless cardboard packaging machines" Stand-by Polytechniek b.v. is specialist on the market, regarding packaging of long and sensitive products and has also the biggest sale of endless cardboard and inserts in Holland. Stand-by packaging machines are especially used for packaging of blinds, profiles, tubes, bearings, table-plates, actuators... and many other products are getting packed by Stand-by packaging machine. Worldwide there are, up until now, over 250 machines - from manual cutting machines to semi-automatic packaging lines.

The advantages are obvious:

To view a quick promotional video from one of our European installations, please see the video below. It demonstrates how the machine works and how it can benefit your production in reducing waste, increasing productivity and speed in packaging your blinds, reduce freight damage and also reduce the floor space requirements for storing cardboard.

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